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Anonymous asked: How much Test do you take and is it Enanthate or Cyprionate?

.3 mL (60 mg) 1x a week, cyprionate.

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1. If you meet someone and you’re not sure how they identify, you should:

a. ask “what are you?”
b. introduce yourself and ask for their pronouns.
c. avoid them.

2. If you hear a trans person venting about cis people, you should:

a. remember that you’re trying to give them a safe space and listen compassionately.
b. remind them that not all cis people are like that.
c. talk about your hurt feelings.

3. If you accidentally misgender someone, you should:

a. ignore it and hope no one notices.
b. apologize and move on.
c. talk at length about how sorry you are and that you won’t do it again.

4. During introductions, you should say your pronouns are:

a. normal pronouns
b. male or female pronouns
c. he/him/his or she/her/hers

5. If someone tells you that you have said something problematic, you should:

a. apologize and try to remember for next time.
b. argue that what you said wasn’t offensive.
c. think that that person no longer likes you.

6. PGP means:

a. Pretty Gay Party
b. Progressive Gender Politics
c. Preferred Gender Pronouns

7. Being trans means that:

a. you identity with a gender different from what you were assigned at birth.
b. you’re a man being a woman or a woman being a man.
c. you’re a man becoming a woman or a woman becoming a man.

8. A cisgender person is a person who:

a. is normal.
b. identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth.
c. is not queer.

9. Issues facing the trans community include:

a. homelessness and violence
b. employment discrimination and legal prejudice
c. all of the above

10. If you have a transgender friend, you should:

a. introduce them as your trans friend when you meet new people.
b. not mention that they’re trans unless they do.
c. tell your friends that this is your friend _____, who used to be _____.


1 b, 2 a, 3 b, 4 c, 5 a, 6 c, 7 a, 8 b, 9 c, 10 b


1-3: keep trying!
4-6: you’re on your way!
7-9: almost there!
10: you’ve got it!

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Anonymous asked: Hey, Charliebrah. You needs to be pinning a gram of Test weekly and hitting that squat-rack, bruv. No isolations, No cardio. Get yoked. Full housed. Be a fucking jupiter tank and fight a bitch or two. I believe in you, brah.


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This is an educational video I made with an organization called Trans Youth Speaks about Preferred Gender Pronouns. Enjoy and spread it if you want!

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Anonymous asked: I feel like something with wrong with the nipple reshaping. I've got all of your topless photos from before and your nipples were wonderful ....

My nipples weren’t reshaped at all??? The only incisions made were the ones through the old scars on my ribs. They’re literally the exact same nipples.

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