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Finding my way out of Neverland

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yourvulcan asked: I'm so happy for you that you got to go out and have fun at the beach! You look great and most importantly, happy. Have a great day. :)

Thank you! You too :)

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Behind the scenes of shooting a gender pronouns educational video for Trans Youth Speaks L.A. I’ll be posting it in a couple weeks!

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Anonymous asked: I'm not a ftm or even LGBT, but the doctor who did your top surgery did an IMPECCABLE job. Simply marvelous. Sincerely, MedStudent.

Thank you! Dr. Bartlett is a fantastic surgeon.

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Anonymous asked: I know dr Bartett went through your old incisions, so out of curiosity did you also have your nipple/areola complex resized or was that left alone? Thanks!

It was left alone! I just always had really tiny nipples, haha.

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Anonymous asked: Good luck dealing with the hematoma. I hope Dr. Bartlett is able to help you resolve it and heal well.

Thank you! Dr. Bartlett has been very helpful and I’m being treated for it currently. He is quite optimistic that with draining and time there won’t be a need for a follow up surgery, so that’s good news.

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