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Finding my way out of Neverland

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Anonymous asked: Hey, Charliebrah. You needs to be pinning a gram of Test weekly and hitting that squat-rack, bruv. No isolations, No cardio. Get yoked. Full housed. Be a fucking jupiter tank and fight a bitch or two. I believe in you, brah.


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This is an educational video I made with an organization called Trans Youth Speaks about Preferred Gender Pronouns. Enjoy and spread it if you want!

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Anonymous asked: I feel like something with wrong with the nipple reshaping. I've got all of your topless photos from before and your nipples were wonderful ....

My nipples weren’t reshaped at all??? The only incisions made were the ones through the old scars on my ribs. They’re literally the exact same nipples.

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yourvulcan asked: I'm so happy for you that you got to go out and have fun at the beach! You look great and most importantly, happy. Have a great day. :)

Thank you! You too :)

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